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Connector templates

Connector templates are JSON configuration files, which customize how a BPMN element is shown, and how it can be configured by process developers. Connector templates are a specific kind of element templates.

Before developing one, you'll need to decide what you would like to achieve with your Connector.

Currently, the options are:


Do not confuse Connector templates with the Connector template, which is used to supply boilerplate code and configuration when developing a new custom Connector.

Outbound Connector templates

You can, for example, allow the user to model and configure the following REST Connector by providing a JSON configuration for a service task:

REST Outbound Connector Example

Develop Connector templates

You can develop Connector templates using the element template feature. You can also look at existing examples.

Providing and using Connector templates

When using Web Modeler, you can create Connector templates directly within the application and share them with your respective organization.

When using Desktop Modeler, you must place the Connector templates within the file system so the modeler will pick them up.

Once available, process developers can directly use the Connector templates from within the modeling canvas.