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Any executable process needs a BPMN diagram designed and configured beforehand.

The design is used to specify the flow of a process. Thereby, different events must be configured in the model so the workflow engine understands what is to be executed in this step.

A configuration can be the conditions in a gateway or the specification of a service task.

Camunda offers three tools to achieve this:

Cawemo focuses on the design phase and provides options for collaborative work on a BPMN model.

Cloud Modeler and Camunda Modeler support the technical parameterization of the models. It's possible to design the model in Cawemo, and continue working with Cloud Modeler or Camunda Modeler.

Cloud Modeler and Camunda Modeler differ mainly in their environment. Camunda Modeler is a desktop application that can be installed and used locally. Cloud Modeler is part of Cloud Console and offers a seamless integration into Camunda Cloud.