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Clients allow applications to do the following things:

  • Deploy processes
  • Start/cancel process instances
  • Activate jobs, work on those jobs and subsequently complete/fail jobs
  • Publish messages
  • Update process instance variables and resolve incidents

Clients connect to Camunda Cloud via gRPC, which is a high-performance, open source universal RPC protocol.

Camunda Cloud provides several offical clients based on this API. Official clients have been developed and tested by Camunda. They also add convenience functions (e.g. thread handling for job workers) on top of the core API.

Community clients supplement the official clients. These clients have not been tested by Camunda.

Official clients

Community clients

Finally, it is possible to build your own client in case none of the other options are suitable.

Interacting with other components

The clients mentioned above interact with Zeebe, the workflow engine integrated into Camunda Cloud.

Other components in Camunda Cloud provide language-agnostic APIs, but no clients, to interact with them: