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Cloud Console Overview

Workflow Engineered For The Cloud

Camunda Cloud delivers a scalable, on-demand workflow platform:

  • Design, automate and manage your business-critical processes
  • Scale to meet performance and throughput requirements
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Seamlessly integrate with your tools

Currently, Camunda Cloud offers the following components, which materialise in a Zeebe cluster:

  • Zeebe: Workflow Engine
  • Operate: Monitoring and Operating Tool

Workflows are created and parameterized with the Zeebe Modeler- a desktop application that is not available as SaaS. Cawemo can also be used for modeling, but please note that Zeebe does not yet support all BPMN symbols.


In the future, the following products will also become part of Camunda Cloud:

  • Cawemo: collaborative modeling of workflows. Cawemo can already be used independently, but has no link to Camunda Cloud yet.
  • Tasklist and Optimize: Similar to the products for Camunda BPM, there will be a version in the cloud that works with Zeebe.